McLaren selects Parrot for its new connected infotainment system

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Paris, September 3rd, 2013 – Parrot, a leader in automotive connectivity and infotainment solutions, announced that it will be supplying McLaren with its new innovative connected Infotainment open-platform for its future vehicle lines. This solution will be the new generation of McLaren’s “IRIS” infotainment system. It will be a new implementation of Parrot’s ASTEROID Infotainment platform and will enable McLaren drivers to access top-of-the-line connected applications and services such as:
  • Navigation with iGo Primo software from NNG (AutoNavi for the Chinese market or ItsumoNavi for the Japanese market), including live traffic information via TMC or 3G/LTE.
  • Online mapping and search for Points Of Interest, with the ability to trigger the navigation to a chosen destination.
  • Internet radio TuneIn, aggregating radio stations from all over the world. These online radios are supplemented by local ones that are received by the unit’s AM/FM tuner with phase diversity.
  • Multimedia playback of music files from local sources (iPods®, USB thumb drives….).
  • Internet browsing (not available when driving). The browser allows Java animations and films.
The new-generation “IRIS” will also manage phone calls over Bluetooth, with high-performance Active Echo Cancelling and Noise Reduction algorithms. Thanks to Voice Recognition and Text-to-Speech technologies, drivers will be able to launch calls directly by pronouncing their contacts’ names. These technologies will also allow customers to select an artist on all available media including local sources on the USB ports, or a radio station through the TuneIn App. The new-generation “IRIS” will take the shape of an automotive head unit designed by Parrot. It will connect to the vehicle’s CAN bus (Controller Area Network) and adapt to McLaren’s portrait-mode center-stack display, with the addition of a new capacitive touch panel allowing smooth scrolling and gesture support. The new-generation “IRIS” will be capable of accessing the Internet by tethering to the customer’s smartphone over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi® or using a 3G/LTE USB dongle. Parrot is honored to collaborate with McLaren in bringing the best in connected automotive infotainment to its supercars. In this project, Parrot uses the Android framework for popular Apps, connects it to the Internet over 3G/LTE and enhances it by integrating Parrot software libraries such as voice recognition, media playing, telephony and acoustics meeting automotive quality standards for reliability, compatibility and security. As a result, with top-level performance and quality, the new-generation “IRIS” is set to obtain McLaren’s approval based on the most demanding qualification plans such as DC-10611/14/15said Eric Riyahi, Executive Vice-President at Parrot. “At McLaren, we are very excited to be working with Parrot on the next generation IRIS infotainment system, and to have the opportunity to offer a new innovative connected Infotainment platform to our customers. The highly collaborative nature of this development will ensure that we can integrate Parrot’s knowledge and technical expertise with the innovation and ideals of McLaren to deliver a truly exceptional product.” said Haydn Baker – Head of Vehicle Line from McLaren Automotive. Legal notice : Parrot is registered trademark of Parrot SA. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. iPod® is trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance. The Bluetooth word mark is owned by the Bluetooth SIG Inc.
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