Change of Name: CDW Service Center D&B becomes Waelzholz North America

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Hagen, 08/15/2014. The cold rolled steel specialist C.D. Waelzholz announced on July 1, 2014, the CDW Service Center D&B, LTD. operations have become Waelzholz North America, LLC. The name change represents C.D. Waelzholz’s emphasis on a strategic focus in the North American market regarding the marketing, production and distribution of their products in the United States, Canada and Mexico. In the future Waelzholz North America will focus on the growth of its automotive and industrial customer base, while improving and expanding service center operations.

In 2001, C.D. Waelzholz established itself in the North American market with its Cleveland, Ohio based Service Center. In the past CDW Service Center’s focus was warehousing, slitting and distributing of specialty and cold rolled strip steels manufactured by C.D. Waelzholz in Germany.

Today, Waelzholz North America provides the local market with tailor-made, application-oriented solutions for individual requirements. Those solutions are typically developed in close cooperation with the customers. Through extensive technological and commercial assistance, long-term relationships based on partnership have been established between employees and customers. Waelzholz North America’s service doesn’t stop there. Their customized logistics system ensures a JIT delivery that is especially important for automotive customers.

The majority of the sold material is purchased internationally within the company group where the highest quality standards apply. Waelzholz North America is thus able to offer its customers premium products with closest tolerances, uniform structures, consistent mechanical values as well as outstanding surface conditions. This is one of the many reasons why annual sales volumes have increased six-fold in the last 10 years. Nevertheless it has become a priority of the US-subsidiary to relocate more and more of the value creation to the North American market.

Waelzholz North America‘s product portfolio consists of low carbon, high carbon, alloy, high strength low alloy and hardened & tempered strip steel. The majority of its strip steel material can be found in products in the automotive or industrial sectors. Important products such as the cold rolled narrow steel strip and profiles are often sold as a pre-tempered version. These products can later be found in ski and snowboard edges as well as in modern windshield wiper systems. Demanding products, like the saw blade, require an optimum flatness of heat-treated steel. In the automotive sector ultra high strength steel plays an important role and can be found in seat and safety technologies. This material enables the customer to produce lightweight components, which lead to a reduced weight and ultimately better fuel-efficiency of the vehicle.

As part of the C.D. Waelzholz group, Waelzholz North America can take advantage of a global network to provide its customers with high-quality strip steel worldwide. Altogether, C.D. Waelzholz has nine locations in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. Process networking and know-how transfer between the different production locations are key elements for a consistently high product quality. This guarantees high technological competence at all locations.



Waelzholz North America
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About C.D. Wälzholz

The family-owned company C.D. Waelzholz located in Hagen, Germany, was founded in 1829 and has 1,900 employees worldwide. There are nine production locations in Europe, North America, South America and Asia, where the market leader manufactures more than 700,000 tons of high-quality cold-rolled steel strip and profiles. With its wide range of steel materials C.D. Waelzholz offers custom-fit solutions for the automotive industry, energy generation, the industrial goods sector as e.g. for manufacturers of building equipment, electric devices and cutting tools.

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